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AA Minnesota Requested Updates

Add AA help line phone numbers. completed
Update the mobile WEB site to use jQuery. This is a must do to have the mobile WEB site work on all smart phone inprogress
Unable to create pdf file to enable printing meeting lists. Not all PCs have this trouble. I have access to 9 different PCs. Various operating systems and printers and I have not been able to reproduce this trouble. Under investigation

"One person suggested that AAMinnesota should provide information on the type of meeting the meeting is. " I have had a number of these requests. i.e. please list "Open" or "Closed" information, Women only, men only, young people, gay, Special Needs, etc.

One would think that Open or Closed meeting information would be easy. It was easy to add the open closed field to the aaminnesota database. When I tried to populate it only 3 meetings in area36 were listed as closed. I found that the open or close information is not up to date in the FNV database and the data isn't stored in the same (database field) location.

I view Women only, men only, young people, gay etc meetings, as meetings with attendance restrictions. Once again this information may or may not be in the FNV database.

Another layer to this is special needs meetings. Handicap access or ASL meeting. This information is not in the FNV databsae.

Take a look at the Alcoholic Anonymous Group Change Form. (http://aa.org/lang/en/en_pdfs/e_infchan.pdf ) None of the above information is collected on our group change form. This is also true for the New Group Form (http://aa.org/en_pdfs/e_group.pdf)

I feel that members from our areas (area35 and area36) are telling us what they want.

The aameeintlocator web site uses the FNV database to get meeting information. This eliminates the need to maintain multiple meeting databases. If we want additional meeting information we need to find a way to populate and store this information in the FNV database

Under Investigation
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